History of Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is a small American city in the state of California (USA). Located on the Pacific coast 87 mile north-west of Los Angeles, this resort city is the center of the district of the same name. The favorable climate, the ocean coast, the mountain range surrounding the city from the northeast, make Santa Barbara a real California Riviera.

This small town with a population of more than 92 thousand people received worldwide fame thanks to the multiseries television series "Santa Barbara", which for a long time conquered the multimillion army of television viewers. Even today, there are travelers who visit the picturesque resort with the sole purpose of visiting places known for their favorite TV series.


This area got its name long before the founding of the city, at the time of the rescue of the Spanish conquistador Sebastian Vizcaino during a storm. And it happened allegedly in 1602 on the feast of St. Barbara. The permanent settlement of the Spaniards was the Franciscan mission founded in 1782, as well as the fortress El Presidio, built to protect it. In 1822, the entire territory of California became part of independent Mexico, and from 1848 it became one of the states of the USA.

If Spain and Mexico never considered Santa Barbara as a strategically important settlement, then this city located between Los Angeles and San Francisco began to develop actively as a part of the United States of America, just like the rest of California as a whole. Over time, a railroad was built here, a steamship link was established, oil fields began to develop in the vicinity, which led to a large population growth, and the excellent coastal climate contributed to the development of the city as a resort.

A strong earthquake in 1925 almost destroyed the entire city, so that the old buildings in the city almost disappeared. To rebuild the city was entrusted to the best architects of the country, thanks to them the city was restored in a single architectural style, reminiscent of Spanish colonial architecture with snow-white walls and red tiled roofs.

After World War II, oil production in these parts practically dried up, which made modern Santa Barbara primarily a resort and tourist center.

Santa Barbara, California

Thanks to the unique architectural style in Santa Barbara, the true Spanish spirit reigns so attractive for tourists. The main street of El Paseo with buildings, rebuilt in the colonial style, and today the favorite place of citizens.

The most famous attraction of Santa Barbara is considered to be a well-preserved Franciscan mission with a small museum and a picturesque garden. Very remarkable was the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, built in 1929.

Santa Barbara is not in vain famous for its museums, the most visited of them - the University Art Museum with a rich collection of works by local and foreign artists. Also of interest are the Historical Museum with a unique collection of art objects and archaeological finds, the Museum of Natural History with its magnificent expositions and the ancient statue of the martyr Saint Barbara. In addition, Fort El Presidio National Historical Park, the Franciscan friary and the church of the Spanish Mission Santa Barbara, a botanical garden and a zoo deserve attention.

Santa Barbara has long been considered a resort city. A huge number of tourists go here to sunbathe on local beaches, take boat trips on yachts, go surfing, visit local restaurants or just relax while walking along the streets of this green city. The local beaches are quite crowded, so enjoy the rest in solitude only in the morning.